Old Woman Yells At Cloud:

I’m about 1/2 of the way through round 3 of antibiotics for a sinus infection and it’s becoming evident they ain’t working.

Did the world really need another “Step Up” movie?

There are countless responsible adults who want to have a child and can’t and JANELLE on fucking Teen Mom is on spawn #2?

I mean this sincerely: someone please explain Lana Del Ray to me. So many people whose opinions I value are super into her and I just can’t figure her out. Is she always so glum? Are there good songs of hers that haven’t gotten radio play? Does she write her own stuff?

Essplain for me.

I was asleep until the fireworks went off, then was up briefly talking to Ian, then tried to go back to sleep again around 11:30. And now it’s 4 am and I’m wide awake because my shoulder (my right shoulder and neck are the worst areas for me for Fibro pain) is throbbing, and because the muscles are all in spasm, it’s pressing on some sort of nerve so I’m having some pretty awesome numbness/neuropathy in my right arm.

I have physical therapy tomorrow, which will help, but if I can’t fall asleep soon it’s gonna make that appointment a real hoot and holler.

Hey guys:

Anyone want to come to Charleston Pride weekend with me August 8th and 9th? I gots tickets to see Willam and DWV! If you wanna come but don’t have much $, I will happily cover whatever you can’t for the tix ($20 a piece) and hotel. The odds of me going on my own are zero, so if I can find someone to go with I’ll be thrilled!